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About FRUI

Who we are

FRUI DTLA is a contemporary clothing brand that started in the heart of Los Angeles (aka Downtown) that blends designs from all generation. Frui, in Latin, means “love for its own sake”. Similar to its definition, we are a brand whose designer holds this concept of God’s everlasting love.  We aim to collaborate with different artists in a variety of areas to create a new culture. 


We give back

There are about 60,000 who are homeless in the Heart of Los Angeles, out of which about 3,000 of those reside on Skid Row.  They are being isolated from society due to their many problems such as addiction, mental illness and physical disabilities.

We, at FRUI DTLA, believe that God loves us all with no underlying conditions.  With that love, we believe that everyone should get a second chance at life.  With this philosophy that we hold, we will be donation 10% of all proceeds to the Los Angeles Mission to help the homeless is any way we can.